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Apr 28 2009
Apr 26 2009

To do’s

After T and I decided to go on a break, I went on facebook and picked 2 guys to check in on. Went on a date the next day with one of hims. 

We met at el Carmen’s on Third street. I wore a black silk mini skirt, blank silk tank, black tights, and black high heels. He was dressed well, he talked about his celebrity scene, and then he went to the bathroom and did a line of coke. 

In 45 minutes or so we were making out at the bar. And in about 40 more minutes we checked into Hotel Sofitel a block or two away. 

So I was making out with this guy and I was all loving and soft. I was pretending. I wonder if he noticed tho, we were, all, you know, coked up.

The next morning I woke up and thought, god damn that was fun. 


Hi I am back!

But with a brand new blog…. Before I was on a transition into a new relationship and now I am transitioning out of it. 

I really don’t know how to start, but just to say I need this place. I need to move on and not carry what I am carrying.

T and I are on a break, might be broken up for good, who knows. Whatever at this point.

The last half year of my life has been very hard for me. I quit my job, then started a new company with T. Maybe I will go into it all later, but what I am dealing with now is trying to work with someone you think you love while on a break. He and I are both very depressed. Depressed dude, depressed. 

So, hello, I need my single sex-self back. 

The archives are at Last Week’s Date.

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